Download The Witch (2015) Dual Audio 1080p Bluray Remux

Download The Witch (2015) Dual Audio 1080p Bluray Remux

Download The Witch (2015) Dual Audio 2160p 4k with 5.1 & 7.1 Dolby Atmos audio. The movie is directed by Robert Eggers and this movie is based on the Horror/Mystery Genre now accessible with original Hindi 5.1 audio. This Dual audio movie provides Hindi – English Audio in original format, simply scroll below and take advantage of the fast and seamless download link provided through Google Drive. is one of the best websites where you can download the latest movies from Hollywood and Dual Audio to their best version such as 4k 2160p Hdr, Imax, and Bluray versions. Enjoy a smooth and convenient downloading process as we offer fast and seamless download links provided through Google Drive.

Download The Witch (2015) Dual Audio 1080p Bluray Remux

Download The Witch (2015) Dual Audio 1080p Bluray Remux –

Movie Information:

  • Movie Name: The Witch
  • Release Year: (2015)
  • Genre: Horror/Mystery
  • Language: Dual Audio Hindi – English (5.1, 7.1)
  • Available Formats: 1080p Bluray Remux, Bluray Repack, 1080p Bluray

Movie Story:

In 1630s New England, William and family are banished over a religious dispute. They build a farm near a secluded forest, but a witch steals and kills their baby Samuel. Katherine mourns, blaming Thomasin. William confesses he traded Katherine’s silver cup. Caleb, lost in the woods, encounters the witch, falls ill, and dies.

The twins accuse Thomasin of witchcraft. In a chaotic night, the witch kills the goat and William, Katherine blames Thomasin and attacks her. Alone, Thomasin encounters Black Phillip, who turns into a man. He asks her to join a witch’s gathering in the forest, and she ascends with them, leaving everything behind.

Available Prints and Quality for Download:

Explore a wide range of prints and quality options for your downloading pleasure. Choose from the following selection:


1080p Bluray Remux 10BIT HDR (7.51Gb):


Discover the exciting film ‘The Witch’ released in 2015.  This movie is available in multiple formats to cater to your preferences.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling experience with options such as 4k HDR, 2160 Dual Audio, 1080p 10Bit, 4K HEVC, and IMAX. Enjoy the movie in Hindi Dubbed with Original Hindi 5.1 Audio as well as English. Choose your preferred format and language to elevate your viewing pleasure.

This movie also available in 1080p x264 UHD, 1080p 60FPS, 1080p x265 10Bit, 4k HDR, 4k 2160p SDR & 3D and many more high-quality movies on our platform. Get immersive experience for “The Witch (2015)”, film available in stunning Dual Audio 2160p 4k resolution.

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