Download Beast (2022) Dual Audio

Download Beast (2022) Dual Audio 2160p 4k WEB-DL

Download Beast (2022) Dual Audio with 5.1 & 7.1 Dolby Atmos audio. Movie is directed by  Baltasar Kormákur and this movie is based on Survival/ Action Genre. Simply scroll below and take advantage of the fast and seamless download link provided through Google Drive. is one of the best website where you can download latest movies from Hollywood and Dual Audio to its best version such as 4k 2160p Hdr, Imax, Bluray version. Enjoy a smooth and convenient downloading process as we offer fast and seamless download link provided through Google Drive.

Download Beast (2022) Dual Audio

Download Beast (2022) Dual Audio 2160p 4k –

Movie Information:

  • Movie Name: Beast
  • Release Year: (2022)
  • Actors: Idris Elba, Iyana Halley, Leah Sava Jeffries
  • Genre: Survival/ Action
  • Language: English (5.1, 7.1)
  • Available Formats: 4k HDR, 2160 Dual Audio, 1080p 10Bit, 4K HEVC, IMAX

Movie Story:

Recently widowed Dr. Nate Samuels and his daughters, Meredith and Norah, arrive at the Mopani Reserve in South Africa for a vacation. Nate reunites with his old friend, Martin Battles, a biologist and Mopani manager, who introduced Nate and his wife. Martin takes Nate and the girls to the village where Nate’s wife grew up. Nate confides to Martin his guilt over being distant following his and his wife’s separation, after which she developed terminal cancer. The trip is to reconnect with his daughters.

The next day, Martin and the family tour the reserve’s restricted areas. Martin shows them a local lion pride and notices that one is injured. At a nearby Tsonga community, Martin discovers most of the population is dead. Suspecting a rogue, man-killing lion is responsible, Martin rushes back to report the finding. Nate encounters an injured Tsonga man on the road but is unable to save him. Martin is mauled as he tracks the lion. It then ambushes Nate, who takes cover in the car. Meredith speeds away but crashes into a tree, stranding them.

Martin radios Nate on a walkie-talkie, warning him to stay away, saying the lion is using Martin as bait to lure the others out. As the radio is out of range to contact help, Nate assembles a tranquilizer rifle. He confronts the lion, hoping to subdue it long enough to recover Martin and trek back to civilization. The lion attacks, and Meredith takes advantage of the distraction to save Martin. Norah stabs the lion with a tranquilizer dart after it knocks the gun from Nate’s hands, causing the lion to retreat. Meredith brings Martin back to the car, and Nate treats his wound.


At the abandoned schoolhouse, which the poachers used as their base, Nate treats Meredith’s wound and forages for water. The lion appears and stalks the girls, but Nate returns and scares it off. Locking his daughters inside a room, Nate promises to return after subduing the lion. After provoking the lion into chasing him, Nate lures it to the local lion pride which Martin helped raise. The rogue lion overtakes and mauls Nate, nearly killing him, until the pride males intervene and kill the rogue. A Mopani worker arrives and saves Nate as he falls unconscious.

Awakening in a hospital, a recovering Nate tells his daughters he loves them. Sometime later, the three return to the preserve, this time as a united family, and recreate the photo Nate’s late wife took of herself next to her favorite tree.

Available Prints and Quality for Download:

Explore a wide range of prints and quality options for your downloading pleasure. Choose from the following selection:

2160 4K Quality (16Gb):

1080p 10 BIT (2Gb):

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